Soar into 2022

Welcome to 2022! We are back at work and excited for the new year. We’ve made it through another year of Netflix binges, Zoom meetings, mask-wearing, and copious amounts of sanitiser. Who knows what 2022 will bring us, but no matter what happens, we’re here to support you to redefine success and achieve your goals. Once again, we can take our learnings from the past year and plan for a…  Read more

Happy Holidays from the team at Tax and Trust

Merry Christmas! Our prediction that 2021 would be better than 2020 was a bit off target! We’ve made it through though, and hopefully 2022 will bring about new successes. Click the link below for a short eBook, providing some light reading, activities to help you enjoy the three freedoms, and a cocktail recipe to reflect the year that was; we hope you enjoy it! Our office will be closing on…  Read more

Ramp up Your Business with Xero Webinar Nobody goes into business with the intention of doing paperwork. Long days are made even longer by manual data entry, chasing up receipts, reconciling bank accounts, and following up customers for payment. How much time would you save if all of this was automated? With Xero, you can save time, reduce your stress levels, and get paid faster. You’ll gain valuable insight into…  Read more

Health and Safety in Your Business

Implementing health and safety so it sticks Do you have a health and safety policy and plan in place? Great, this is a legal requirement for all organisations! But how can you ensure everyone’s 100% on board? Here are five simple tips from our team to yours – hope they help. Make it relatable – To engage staff in health and safety at work, they need to understand why health…  Read more

Leadership That Delivers webinar and Covid Policy for customer contact

Interest limitation on residential investment property The Government has released draft legislative proposals to limit interest deductibility for residential property investments. From 1 October 2021: for properties acquired before 27 March 2021, interest deductions on loans will be phased out at 25% per year over 4 years, until 31 March 2025 for properties acquired after 27 March 2021, interest deductions will not be deductible (unless the property was acquired by…  Read more

November Tip Bits

Governance in Action webinar Spending too much time #Managing and not enough time #Governing? Not sure what the difference is? Neglecting your governance role can lead to business failure. We can help you learn to separate your governance role from day to day operations! Join us for our FREE Governance in Action webinar Wednesday November 10th at 12pm Register now! If you’re unable to attend we will send you the…  Read more

Wellbeing Toolkit and Governance in Action Webinar

Wellbeing Toolkit at Your Fingertips Heard of The Five Ways to Wellbeing? They are simple and proven actions you can introduce in your workplace to help staff find balance, build resilience, and boost their mental health and wellbeing: Connect: feeling close to and valued by others boosts wellbeing. Take a moment every day to connect with colleagues. Be Active: being physically active improves physical health and can improve mood and…  Read more

Resurgence Support Payment and Wage Subsidy FAQs

Wage Subsidy Question I have a client that is a shareholder employee of a company that she works part time at and also has a sole trader business that she works part time. Can the company claim for a wage subsidy as well as via the sole trader business? Answer Yes the wage subsidy can be claimed once by the company of which your client is an employee and once…  Read more

October Tip Bits

Covid 19 Business Support Wage subsidy no 5 is now available for those businesses that qualify.   The 40% drop in revenue to qualify is your expectations for income over the period 15 Oct – 28 Oct compared to what it would have been without the present lockdown in Auckland. We can help you with the application. This offer is only for businesses with 3 or less employees if you have…  Read more

Resurgence Support and 3 Essential Tools for Business Success

3 Essential Tools for Business Success For us, business success means owners achieving financial, time and mind freedom. Whether you want more money to enjoy your desired lifestyle, more time for your family and friends, or less stress, there are three business tools that can help you achieve freedom. On Wednesday 20th October at 12pm, join us for our complimentary webinar, The 3 Essential Tools for Business Success, where you’ll: Discover the three most…  Read more

GST payment due date extension and Round 4 of Wage Subsidy

Round 4 of Wage Subsidy The Wage Subsidy is open for a fourth round – if you have a drop of 40% or expect to it, there is support of $600 per week per full time employee and $359 per week per part time employee. Available until 14th October. The Resurgence Support Subsidy is also still open until mid-October. This is a one-off application We can help any of you…  Read more

Why is Purpose Important in running a business?

As a business grows, more team members are added and each team member brings their own thoughts about how they believe they should behave and what the business should do for customers.   Having a purpose that is shared and lived by the team means the business is going in one agreed direction.   What you do is not the same as why you do it. A purpose statement if it’s…  Read more

Vision, Purpose and Values webinar and support accessing free business growth

Vision, purpose, and values are the cornerstones of a strong workplace culture. They help to align thinking throughout the business and can provide a solid foundation for growth. At our complimentary webinar, we’ll teach you how to develop your vision, purpose, and values to maximise your results. On Wednesday 29th September at 12pm, join us for our complimentary webinar, Vision, Purpose, and Values, where you’ll: Demystify the three cornerstones of…  Read more

Leveraging Your Technology Webinar and Xero Offers

Leveraging Your Technology Complimentary Webinar Leveraging technology is the easiest way for businesses to streamline their processes, increase their efficiency, and ultimately achieve time, mind, and financial freedom. A systemised business is more sustainable, scalable, and ultimately saleable. It can operate without a heavy reliance on its owners and can grow without the wheels coming off. On Wednesday September 15th at 12pm, join us for our complimentary webinar, Leveraging Your…  Read more

Lockdown leave, pay cuts, reduced hours: what’s allowed?

We’ve been getting quite a few questions from our clients during Level 4 lockdown about the responsibilities of employers. We’re not HR specialists or employment lawyers, so we don’t have all the answers. Luckily, the Ministry for Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has been busy setting out all the information you need. Three of the most commonly asked questions are: 1. Can I make employees take annual leave during lockdown?…  Read more

Reclaim Your Time and Wage Subsidy

Resurgence Support and Wage Subsidy FAQ’S Wage Subsidy Question I have a client that is a shareholder employee of a company that she works part time at and also has a sole trader business that she works part time. Can the company claim for a wage subsidy as well as via the sole trader business? Answer Yes the wage subsidy can be claimed once by the company of which your…  Read more

Personal budget and tax to pay

Everyone should have a budget As a business owner, it’s essential you prepare a Personal Budget each year. Instead of being confining, a Personal Budget should be liberating as you can spend guilt-free, knowing other money has been allocated to your expenses. Think of it as a spending plan rather than a budget. By knowing how you’ll spend and save money and setting personal finance goals, you’ll know exactly what…  Read more

Running your business at alert level 4

COVID-19 resurgence support payments Here are the following Covid support payments available: 1. Wage Subsidy – drop of 40%, $600 per week per full time employee and $359 per week per part time employee. 2. Resurgence Support Payment – drop of 30%, being a RSP of $1500 plus $400 per full time equivalent. 3. Leave Support Scheme – for workers who must self-isolate while awaiting a test. $585.50 per full time…  Read more

Covid -19 and Exciting Events at Tax and Trust

Alert Level 4 – again You will be well aware that we have gone into another level 4 lockdown. What does that mean in terms of our service to you? We are still hard at work on your accounts. All appointments will now be held by phone or Zoom – rest assured all Zoom appointments are secure using a password to log in. COVID-19 resurgence support payments In relation to…  Read more

August Tip Bits

Upcoming Events We run events monthly to keep you up to date on important issues and improvements you can make to your business. Find out about our business coaching seminars and don’t miss out on our next FREE webinar. Click here to find out what’s happening this month.   Provisional Tax We have begun sending out Provisional Tax reminders to our clients. If you have received one and think it…  Read more

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