Supporting small business

Here at Tax & Trust, we’re proud supporters of small business. We love to help business owners by freeing up their time to get back to what they really enjoy.

So many ways we can help

We know you’ve got better things to do than stare at reports, work out GST or think about tax. Your business needs your time and direction and we’re here to help you get back to it.

Stay compliant

We’ll take care of your compliance requirements by handling the preparation and lodgement of your business tax returns and GST returns. We’ll also prepare bi-monthly management reports, annual financial statements and take care of ACC management.

Improve your cashflow

We know that cashflow is a struggle for many business owners, especially as you try to grow and deal with extras like staff. We offer a cashflow management course for our clients so they have all the information and support they need to keep more money in their pocket. We’ll take care of your forecasting and budgeting so you know how your business stands at every point. You can train and entertain yourself by playing free slots online nz, playing games helps you to keep your mind clear.

Software advice

Technology is fantastic, but how do you choose which option is right for your business? It’s especially hard now that there are so many software providers and apps to choose from. We’re tech lovers here at Tax & Trust, so we can help you find the most suitable solution for you. Our team will not only deliver advice during the search for a solution, we’ll also help you implement that software and provide ongoing support as you need it.

Company Administration

Our team will make sure you meet all legislative requirements when it comes to running your company. We’ll take care of maintenance of statutory registers and file your annual company return as well. Our team at Tax & Trust are experienced professionals, so you can rest easy knowing you’re in safe hands.

Better business structures

We start our process by having a chat with you so we’re on the same page. We’ll talk to you about your business challenges, structures and processes to gain a deep understanding of where you’re currently at. From there, our team will review your existing business structure and provide our recommendations. Our goal here is to protect your assets and potentially save you money on tax.

Business Seminar and Webinar Education

We also run regular education and training seminars to help you run your business better. These workshops are designed to help you identify problems in your business, work out a path for improvement and ultimately, to help you take your business up a notch.

Business Growth Groups

There are so many benefits in working with likeminded people to brainstorm solutions to your business issues and challenges. You’ll get access to our Business Growth Groups, designed to help you take a step back and look at your business as a whole.

Business Plans

How will you take your business to new heights? We believe your business is a vehicle that helps you achieve your personal and lifestyle goals. You didn’t go into business just to feel chained to it, working long hours and stressing about it constantly. Our team of friendly advisors will help you develop a business plan based on your unique situation. This plan is like a roadmap, helping guide you and your team to reach your goals.

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