Making your information safer


Client Task Email

We have been using email software called Karbon for a while and they have some great features to help us keep your details safe.

One of those features is the Karbon Client Portal and Magic Links. We’ll be using these from now on for our correspondence with clients. This platform will facilitate the sending, receiving, and requesting of documents and information in a more secure manner.

When we request information from you, you will receive a Magic Link to click on to upload documents that only we can access.

Magic Links can only be used once by a single device. A magic link can only be used a single time. Once it has been used, the device that received the email is considered a trusted device. Any attempt to reuse the link on any other device will be declined. If you want to access the portal on a second device they can request that a new link be generated and sent to you.

Magic Links expire after 30 day. Regardless of whether a link has been activated or not, its access to the portal will expire after 30 days of being generated. At this time you will be prompted to generate a new link.

Magic Links cannot be used to download sensitive documents. Documents uploaded by clients via client requests are not able to be downloaded via Magic Links. Documents uploaded by clients are only accessible on our end once we log in.

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