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So many ways we can help you grow

Not only will our team make sure your business stays compliant with all tax and GST return requirements, we’ll also handle your company administration and ACC Management.

On top of that, we offer Business Growth Groups, Business Seminars and Webinars and provide detailed software advice. It’s all part of our commitment to helping our clients build a well-rounded business.

Save more time

We know you’ve got better things to do than trying to work out complicated spreadsheets. For our small to medium business clients, we’ll help you get set up and running on the world’s best accounting software, Xero. Our team at Tax & Trust will make sure your Xero file is set up in the way that suits your business best. As Xero Certified Advisors, we also offer ongoing support, acting as your sounding board if you ever have a Xero question.

It’s not just Xero or cloud accounting software that we can help with though. We’re tech lovers and can help you find the most suitable apps and addons for your business.

Annual Budget Plan

Budgets help your business stay on track. Our team will prepare a 12 month projection of your income and expenses, cashflow, and Balance Sheet. This provides you with a benchmark so you can compare it with your actual performance.

Quarterly reporting and forecasting

We’ll make sure you know how your business did when compared to the forecast provided. The advisors at Tax & Trust will deliver detailed advice so you can make smart decisions and improve even more in the next quarter.

Bank Loan Assistance

Finding funding can be hard. It’s certainly not a task that most business owners enjoy. Our team at Tax & Trust take the stress out of getting a loan. We’ll assist with finding the right provider, help with the application and provide ongoing support.

Business Planning

Our business planning service starts off with a chat. We’ll sit down with you to work out your goals for the next year as well as the next 90 days. We’ll set actions for each and create a one-page business plan as a result. This plan will help guide you and your team to actually reach the goals that you set.
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