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New Rules for Trust Compliance Webinar

In March 2022 new legislation was enacted that has dramatically changed the disclosure rules for Trusts – far more information is required to be shared each year than what the Trust Act 2019 changes brought in a couple of years ago. This includes shifts in value that don’t involve a tax consequence.

Charitable and non-active trusts are exempt, from the new rules since they don’t need to file Trust tax returns.

We are sharing more information about these changes and how you as Trustee might be affected in the webinar below. This webinar will be available for you to watch and ask questions live or you can listen to it in your own time if you register, we will send you a link of the recording.

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Monday 16 May

12pm – 12.30pm

LIFT Workshop

We’re excited to offer a new workshop series – 6 workshops in total – to help you make your business the best it can be. Register your interest now and be kept up to date with all the details.

LIFT your business

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Too often we hear business owners say they feel like a slave to their business.
Your business is there to serve you; not the other way around.


  • Work smarter not harder
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