January 2021 Tip Bits

TAX EDITS ANTICIPATED IN 2021 Tax is constantly changing and 2020 was unprecedented in terms of tax edits to usual rules. What can you and I expect in 2021 ? New Tax and new rules: New 39% personal income tax on income above $180000 comes into effect from April 1st Changes to company ownership of greater than 51% may not affect carry forward of tax losses under new continuity rules…  Read more

Reduce Debtor Days and Improve Cashflow

Managing the gap between the receiving money into your business and paying money out of your business is vital for sustaining viability. Debtor days is the average number of days taken for a business to receive payment for goods or services. Keeping track of the average number of days for a business to receive payment is important in understanding the cashflow gap you might experience and the impact on cashflow…  Read more

May Tipbits

We would love to work together to ensure you get the government support you need   Thank you to those that have attended our Planning for Success workshops, they have been great. We have had 95% of attendees wanting to move on to the 2nd zoom workshop with extra coaching around the cashflow areas of their business. Now it’s your chance to join in and hear what has been so helpful…  Read more

April Tip Bits#2

Business Finance Guarantee Scheme (BFGS) Launched     As you know on 1st April the minister of Finance, released further details of the BFGS which forms part of a range of package reforms to support the NZ economy during the COVID-19 pandemic.   Click below to see the full details.   The banks have now all launched their applications forms.   They have not yet given away any business loans despite over…  Read more

April Tip Bits

For years we have been recommending smart payroll to our clients and we still do recommend this for those with companies or trusts who take drawings regularly. Now is a great time to try it out with this offer of 3 months free! If you are self employed you are not able to put yourself on wages. This is a good time to discuss setting up a company for the…  Read more

Covid-19 Government Relief Package

The coronavirus outbreak is having a growing and significant impact on the New Zealand economy. The government has now announced a $12.1 billion relief package. We have summarised the details for you below and included links to the factsheets if you would like more information. There is a lot of details in those links so if you have questions please make sure to talk to us. We can help with…  Read more

March Tip Bits Regarding Covid 19

With all the news reports coming at us daily, it’s normal to feel concerned about what the likely impact of Covid 19 will have or the forecast recession? How long will it be, and how deep? For those who are feeling this uncertainty as a team yesterday we got together and brainstormed some solutions. Our aim here at Tax & Trust is to offer suggestions to you our clients, to…  Read more

Tax tips for new business owners

Want to avoid paying more than you should come tax time? Or a frantic last minute search for missing financial records? New business owners have a lot on their plate, and can easily lose track of an approaching tax deadline or financial data needed to submit their return. Organization is key when preparing for tax time. As is taking advantage of the many tools and resources out there to support…  Read more

Why Keep Your Data in the Cloud?

Cloud computing is quickly moving from an obscure concept to an everyday reality for small businesses all over the world. A 2015 survey of small business owners found that 52% had already adopted some form of cloud-based data storage; however, a general lack of awareness regarding the logistics and advantages of cloud computing has made others a bit more resistant. The truth is, there are several very practical benefits to…  Read more

3 easy and inexpensive ways to look more professional when you’re starting out

For bootstrapping young businesses, making a professional first impression as you build your brand is key. Although hiring a branding expert may be too large an expense in the early days, you can still help your business stand out in the best possible way without breaking the bank. Just follow these simple marketing moves that will help people to know, like, and trust you. 1. Build credibility with your own…  Read more

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