Office Energy Boosters



Lack of energy is a motivation crusher for you and those around you. It’s unhealthy too. Slumped shoulders, bad posture, and inattention can all lead to workplace injury. And lack of energy shows up in office output or, rather, lack of output.

Everyone’s different but it can help to run interference on your daily routine. Here are some simple ideas:

    1. Work out. Some people swear by a dawn session at the gym. Others prefer a quick run or power walk at lunch. Whatever. Get that blood pumping somehow


    1. Sleep. Banish that lagging feeling with a full night’s rest. Or find a comfy private corner in the office for a power nap during your break to make you more alert and boost your mood and motor skills


    1. Laugh. Go on. Releasing those endorphins will raise your energy levels. 2.30 in the afternoon is a good time to share a giggle with a colleague. You’ll both feel better


  1. Shine a light. Emotional baggage weighs you down and saps your energy. Anger or negativity is distracting and exhausting. By contrast, positive energy is a buzz that transmits to others. Do something nice for a colleague. If you’re having difficulty with someone, be open with them and work it out tactfully. Catch up with a friend at lunch

It is important to encourage breaks from the desk, especially breaks that fuel energy levels. Higher levels of energy will drive greater productivity from the whole team.


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