Michelle Nunes-Vaz

Accountant & Business Advisor

Michelle started her accountancy career in 1983. She started in her own business in 1989, retiring in 1991 to become full-time mother. In 2004, she opened Tax & Trust from home. Michelle joined ATAINZ in 2008 and joined the ATAINZ Board in 2018. In 2014 Michelle rejoined CAANZ and has been providing mentorship to other accountants upon request since 2019.

“I really enjoy watching my clients grow their business and I aim to educate clients into better financial awareness so that they can understand their accounts and what their numbers mean. With better understanding you can challenge yourself to achieve more growth. Our regular business workshops enable clients to set their own goals and provide I enjoy providing the accountability to help clients achieve much greater growth and long term success than they would on their own.

I invest heavily in self development myself with my own coach and accountability team so that I am always practising what I preach within my own business. We have also invested in many software coaching tools to help our clients get the very best in terms of business advice that they possibly can.”

Tax and Trust enjoys a variety of clients from all walks of life including many professional services, companies and many tradesman. We have many clients with rental properties and Trusts and at least 25% of this business is servicing these clients with the correct trust administration in order to grow their long term wealth with peace of mind. As can be seen from this website we also help many charities and non profit sporting organisations achieve their compliance and financial growth goals.

“My favourite part of my work is working either one on one with a client or in a small group with business planning, cashflow coaching, marketing and wealth planning days. I do this work sometimes with team members regularly and systematically – helping our clients set the right goals in their business and then achieve them.”

Michelle has 4 children who have grown up and left home. Outside of work she enjoys swimming, biking and scrapbooking as hobbies. Michelle is active in her church and regularly takes time out to recharge her energy with holidays in her vintage caravan or on the back of her husband’s motorbike.

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