Limean Heng

Senior Accountant

After graduating from Massey University with a post-graduate diploma in accounting, Limean started working with Michelle in late 2005. During this time, he has watched the team grow, and now one of his favourite aspects of Tax and Trust is the team. With regards to his work here, he enjoys working on GST clients annual work, as Tax & Trust generally have complete records prior to starting, which is great as it means no waiting for queries!

“I value the more than ten years experience I have, the hard work I do to satisfy the client’s needs and building a relationship with them. I enjoy making the clients that have made tax savings feel so happy with our firm service.”

“Outside of work I enjoy watching movies, listening to music, walking, cycling and playing with my two adorable children”

What The TTP Team Say About Limean:

Michelle T.
“I enjoy Limean’s diligence in attacking problems, he is trustworthy and accurate. He is also very consistent and competent. I appreciate Limean’s passion for his work. He has a variety of clients but hates it when clients don’t answer his queries and work gets behind and delayed.”

Danny L.
“Limean is a very friendly person; I have had this feeling since the first day that I worked at TTP; he is talkative, interested in everything, a happy man, and a good friend.”

Rhonda P.
“Limean is a very caring person; he always asks how you are and how your day is going. He’s never too busy to answer a question or to take care of everyone.”

Johnny T.
“Limean inspires me with his dedication, his loving character, and funny stories (Usually about his kids). He is a hard worker, and a good father.”

Diane M.
“Limean has a wonderful sense of humour and I often find myself having a laugh with him. His energy is inspiring and he will always take the time to listen and help.”

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