Johnny Thompson

Business Manager

Johnny joined Tax & Trust Professionals in July 2013, working full-time, and studying part time, doing a Bachelor of Computing.

“I value the opinions and satisfaction of our clients; I like to see them walk out of our office cheerful and appreciative of our service. It is hard work and dedication that allows TTP to offer the best service to our clients. I am proud to be a part of that.”

“Outside of work, I am a huge enthusiast of PC games, and passionate for movies, TV shows & anime. I also enjoy sharing my passions with my amazing and beautiful wife.”

“Since getting married, I have moved to Christchurch, and now work for Tax & Trust remotely. I also fly up for clients for Business Advisory, training and to host seminars. ”

What The TTP Team Say About Johnny:

Michelle T.
“I like getting to know my son as an adult. I feel lucky to be in this position of having him working for me full-time. No day is a dull day with John around. I thank him for all he does to keep me from taking this job too seriously.”

Limean H.
“Johnny is friendly and very helpful; he is great at talking with the clients, both through the phone call and walk-in customers. He entertains the staff; it is so fun to work with him.”

Danny L.
“Johnny has fantastic IT skills; showcased clearly with the website design, he is creative and professional. Johnny likes to joke and make all the staff laugh and remain happy. He has good ideas. Johnny is an intelligent person and very cheeky.”

Rhonda P.
“Johnny is a very friendly and exciting person. He brings brightness and cheekiness to our team that was a bit lacking before he joined us. You can rely on him to have a smile and positive attitude every day.”

Diane M.
“Johnny is a real character! His love of IT and all things to do with computers and his genuine ’shock’ when people like myself have no interest in computers, other than to use them for work fascinate me. Johnny has an amazing ability to deal with people from all lifestyles and he always does it with a smile.”

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