Diane Morgan

Workflow Manager

Diane has an extensive background in administration and office management and we are glad too see that she utilizes these abilities in here position as Workflow Manager.

“I value the time I spend helping our clients. Whether it be by email, phone, post or face-to-face contact, the rapport that I build with them is important to me. The customers need to know they can rely on me to provide them with the right information and they can feel comfortable approaching me with any queries they have.”

“Outside of work, I enjoy socialising with friends and family; it gives me great pleasure and is my favourite thing when I am not working. I also enjoy art, reading, music, gardening and all motor-sport.”

What The TTP Team Say About Diane:

Michelle T.
“I appreciate that I can trust Diane to look after the office for me, and this includes problematic situations that happen from time to time. Diane is always cheerful and looking on the bright side of life and this is good for us to be around too. She encourages clients and many have commented to me about how friendly she is.”

Limean H.
“Diane is a quick response person. Whenever you ask her to do something, she will do it for you promptly. She has excellent communication skills to talk and deal with the clients.”

Danny L.
“Diane is a pet lover; she is kind to people and animals. She is organised and works extremely hard. I love to talk with her.”

Rhonda P.
“The warmth that comes from Diane is amazing. She makes everyone feel welcome and included. You can call her with any problem or question and she will help you straight away and while she does it, she will brighten your day too.”

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