Internship at Tax and Trust

What we’re looking for

Strong Academic Background:

We’re looking for interns who have pursued relevant coursework in accounting, finance, or taxation.

Attention to Detail:

Accuracy and precision are crucial in the field of Chartered Accountancy. Interns should demonstrate exceptional attention to detail, as even minor errors in financial statements or tax calculations can have significant consequences.

Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills:

Interns should have the ability to analyze financial data, identify trends, and draw meaningful conclusions. We look for candidates who can apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to resolve accounting and tax-related challenges.

Ethical Behavior:

Accountants and tax professionals are expected to adhere to high ethical standards. We need interns who demonstrate integrity, professionalism, and a commitment to maintaining confidentiality.

Strong Communication Skills:

Effective communication is crucial when working in a team or interacting with clients. You should be able to convey complex financial information clearly and concisely, both in written reports and verbal discussions.

Organizational and Time Management Skills:

Chartered Accountancy involves managing multiple tasks and deadlines. Interns need to be able to demonstrate excellent organizational and time management skills, as they will need to handle various assignments and prioritize their work effectively.

Adaptability and Willingness to Learn:

You should be open to learning new concepts and adapting to changes in the industry and regulations. Can you demonstrate a growth mindset and a willingness to take on new challenges?

Team Player:

At Tax and Trust we work as a team, collaborating with colleagues and clients. We look for interns who can work well in a team environment, and contribute positively to group dynamics.


We require 5 weeks of full-time work or 10 weeks of 20 hours to be considered as a candidate, you will receive a small honorarium during this time to cover travel expenses.  There is a possibility but not a guarantee of a job offer at the end of the internship for an accountancy junior position.


You will gain experience in the following systems while working with us.


Xero Practice Manager

Xero Workpapers


The Gap

Practice Ignition


Microsoft Office 365


Registration of interest



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