Personal budget and tax to pay


Everyone should have a budget

As a business owner, it’s essential you prepare a Personal Budget each year. Instead of being confining, a Personal Budget should be liberating as you can spend guilt-free, knowing other money has been allocated to your expenses. Think of it as a spending plan rather than a budget.

By knowing how you’ll spend and save money and setting personal finance goals, you’ll know exactly what your business needs to provide to you.

On Wednesday 1st September at 12pm, we are hosting a 30 minute complimentary webinar where you’ll:

  • Learn how to gain control of your personal finances
  • Identify how to manage and reduce debt levels
  • Discover how to build better money habits
  • Reduce stress and have positive personal spending conversations
  • Understand how to set and achieve your wealth goals

Contact us and we’ll provide you with a complimentary Personal Budget Template.

See the recording here.


Tax and GST payments are due

The IR have told us that any expected Tax or GST payments must be paid on time or they will apply penalties and interest. If you are unable to pay it please contact us before the payment due date so we can help you with an instalment plan – though this will also be subject to interest.

See the video below with some more information from Michelle.


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