9 things you need to know before you blog

If you’re on a tight budget, blogs are an effective way to build trust, boost your reputation, and provide value advice while subtly promoting your business. Not a writer?  Too hard basket?  Spending time pulling together a few words to educate, inform, inspire your customers or clients is worth the effort. 1. Blog writing is a chance to establish yourself as an authority in your area of expertise and educate…  Read more

Mastering the art of Instagram

If you’re already on Instagram, then you’re among the 1.4 billion users making it the fourth most ‘active’ social media platform.  With a more visual format, it’s also one of the easiest to get right.  Here’s the latest insight from Insta expert, Tasha Meys, who co-hosts the top ranked Instagram podcast: Ace The Gram. Q: Does every business need to use Instagram? A: If you’re a ‘business to customer’ business…  Read more

Building trust through branding

When it comes to the public perception of your business, creating a brand that resonates with the right audience is key.  A logo isn’t just a picture to represent your company, Case In Point Design’s Zoe Sizemore describes it as a ‘communication tool’. “Good marketing is all about repetition,” says Zoe, a graphic designer with 18 years’ experience. “It takes eight touch points to make a sale.  So, if someone sees…  Read more

Fewer accidents = less financial strain

New Zealanders are among the best in the world at looking after their livestock and crops, but are we missing something when it comes to looking after our people? In 2020, there were more than 22,700 farm-related ACC injury claims, which came at a recovery cost of $84 million.  That’s over 60 farmers injured every day, not to mention the ripple effect on their families and communities. In fatal farm…  Read more

Let’s talk tax: changes to GST and KiwiSaver

GST Goods that are exported from New Zealand can be zero-rated, with GST being able to be claimed on purchases or expenses incurred in providing those exports. Recent changes to the GST rules which impact the export of goods include: where goods are imported or exported, the domestic (New Zealand) transport portion of the goods can also be zero-rated goods provided ‘free on board’ to both resident and non-resident can…  Read more

Tough choices under proposed water reforms

Changes proposed to drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater legislation are ruffling feathers in rural communities. If adopted, the Three Waters Reforms could mean water systems, currently owned and originally set up by locals to supply each other with water, will be run by four new entities and regulated by a new authority, Taumata Arowai. What does this mean for you? Many schemes currently operate on goodwill amongst neighbours and as…  Read more

Keeping tabs on stressed staff and why you need to check in

A Southland counsellor researching mental health issues facing young men in the rural sector has confirmed what she suspected: there’s a perception of shame in speaking up. “Young rural men don’t seek help,” says Kathryn Wright. “They suffer in silence.” As the wife of a Te Anau deer farmer and mother of a shepherd, Kathryn’s always been aware of stress in farming.  As part of her master’s degree research, she…  Read more

How to maximise damaged crops

If you’ve been adversely affected by this year’s wet weather, the Foundation for Arable Research (FAR) can help you figure out how to make the most of your damaged crop. FAR Board Chair Steven Bierema and CEO Alison Stewart met with grower representatives in May for a post-harvest look at grain drying and seed cleaning facilities. These short on-farm meetings provided an opportunity to share information about grain and seed drying and…  Read more

Managing farm debt

If you’re feeling uncertain about your next year of farming, you’re not alone. Farmer confidence is at its lowest point in 13 years with more than 11% of respondents to a Federated Farmers survey expecting a drop in profit over the next 12 months. On a more positive note, when Federated Farmers asked members about their relationship with their bank, 67% of the 900+ respondents were satisfied. Whatever your position…  Read more


Climate change initiatives in Budget 2022 follow the Government’s recently released Emissions Reduction Plan, and several initiatives have already been announced in that plan. $2.9 billion of funding (sourced from cash proceeds from the Emissions Trading Scheme) is allocated to investments to be made by the Climate Emergency Response Fund (CERF), such as: a vehicle “scrap and replace” scheme providing funding and “in-kind support” to low-income households to shift to…  Read more

Broadband Infrastructure

$60 million is allocated to improve broadband in under-served areas of the country. Given how many New Zealand businesses are small and how many start up and carry on in rural areas, this may be a welcome leg up to frustrated business owners trying to grow online presence and streamline access to online services and software. It’s long overdue. “Rural broadband is particularly critical to small businesses because it can…  Read more

What’s in it for business?

While some cost of living and climate initiatives may assist businesses, certain industry priorities are targeted specifically: Financial support for employers to retain and take on new apprentices is extended until end December 2023 Funding for Industry Transformation Plans (ITPs) includes allocations for the Construction Sector Accord Transformation Plan, the Advanced Manufacturing Plan, the Agritech ITP, and the Digital ITP. Regional business support and tourism have received additional funding in…  Read more

Inflation and the cost of living

The irony of two years’ trying to keep the economy as healthy as the population, is that the economy is currently running well enough but ordinary New Zealanders can’t keep up. Soaring global inflation is predicted to ease from later this year.  The Budget introduces measures designed to get New Zealanders through the meantime. Reductions at the pump and on public transport extend for a further two months, till August.…  Read more

Prison for horticultural contracting company director

Prison and home detention sentences have been handed down to two men who used horticultural contracting companies to evade over $1.7 million of tax between 2007 and 2017. Gautam Kapoor was the principal director and Vikas Menon the in-house bookkeeper, for 18 different companies that operated in the Kapoor group of companies, supplying seasonal workers to growers or other contractors. Kapoor was given 4-years in jail and Menon 9-months home…  Read more

Inland Revenue warns against avoiding 39% rate

Inland Revenue (IR) says the new 39 percent tax rate for those on incomes over $180,000 may see some high-income earners tempted to try and reduce their exposure to the rate. IR Customer Segment Leader, Tony Morris, says IR will be keeping a close watch for any activity by such people that looks like its primary aim is to avoid the 39 percent. “If that’s how it looks to us…  Read more

Inland Revenue’s system upgraded and applications for the Resurgence Support Payment reopened

Inland Revenue’s systems are back online early after completing the latest round of Business Transformation work ahead of schedule. The system was scheduled to be shutdown until 8am tomorrow but because the upgrade went really well, IR has been able to reinstate its myIR service and re-open applications for the Resurgence Support payment through myIR from now. The applications are open for those businesses with a reduction in revenue due…  Read more

Man used forged documents to falsely claim GST refunds

A 25-year-old Auckland man has been sentenced to more than two years in prison for tax fraud involving more than $200,000. Aaron Roydyn Ryder pleaded guilty to 16 charges of knowingly providing false GST returns to obtain GST returns he was not entitled to from 2014 to 2016 and 16 charges of knowingly using forged documents to support the false GST claims. He was sentenced in December in the Auckland…  Read more

Auckland couple sentenced for repeated tax evasion

A South Auckland husband and wife, who a judge says used a repeat pattern of tax evasion and used their children as puppets in their ongoing businesses, have been sentenced to prison and home detention respectively. Tamanini Muaiava and his wife Uputaua Muaiava were sentenced in the Papakura District Court this week on 65 charges each of evading or attempting to evade the assessment or payment of goods and services…  Read more

New Inland Revenue guidance on cryptoassets

Inland Revenue has updated its guidance on the tax treatment of cryptoassets in New Zealand. Crypto-assets are also known as cryptocurrencies or virtual currencies. Spokesperson Tony Morris says Inland Revenue is doing the refresh to provide some certainty for taxpayers with cryptoassets. “People can buy, sell, and exchange cryptoassets; provide goods or services in exchange for them; mine cryptoassets; and earn staking rewards (or “crypto interest”) among other things,” Tony…  Read more

Auckland accountant jailed for historical tax fraud

An Auckland accountant has been sent to prison for two years and nine months for tax fraud dating back to the turn of the century. Alice Jardinero Monzon, 67, was sentenced in the Manukau District Court yesterday and as well as prison time, was ordered to pay $10,000 in reparation. Monzon pleaded guilty to 9 representative charges under the Crimes Act primarily related to the returns she provided for clients…  Read more

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