Health and Safety in Your Business

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Implementing health and safety so it sticks

Do you have a health and safety policy and plan in place? Great, this is a legal requirement for all organisations! But how can you ensure everyone’s 100% on board?

Here are five simple tips from our team to yours – hope they help.

Make it relatable – To engage staff in health and safety at work, they need to understand why health and safety is important (imagine they’re injured during a work day, how would it impact their life?), understand what health and safety is, how to do it properly (this requires regular training), and be involved in making decisions that impact their life and work.

Keep it simple – Start with small things that are easy to implement, like team meetings with health and safety on the agenda, where you look at both physical and mental health.

Have a ‘no blame policy’ – If something happens, you want your staff to tell you so you can fix it, train them, or take appropriate action. Make sure they feel comfortable to tell you about a situation, even a near-miss.

Strong leadership – If management doesn’t take health and safety seriously then their team won’t. Business owners need to be role modelling what good health and safety is. We need to be constantly learning about it (especially industry-specific health and safety), and filtering our learnings to our team. Our team finds having frequent conversations, with open questions and input from each other encourages learning more than a leader with a power-point presentation.

Update regularly – Your health and safety plan should be something you review on a regular basis. Keep it updated as things change in your place of business or team. Life doesn’t stand still so the health and safety measures you use will have to keep up.

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COVID-19 Business Support – updated

The Government has announced another round of Resurgence Support Payments. Contact us now if you have questions or would like help with an application.

From 12 November 2021, the Resurgence Support Payment will be paid fortnightly instead of three weekly.

Businesses can receive $3000 per business plus $800 per full-time employee (FTE), up to 50 FTE (up from$1500 plus $400 per full-time employee)

The maximum fortnightly payment is $43,000.

If you are self employed, or a sole trader you can receive a payment of $3,800.

The eligibility criteria remains the same.

We have been finding some clients that are eligible have not applied, which means they are missing out on funds they could be accessing.

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