Governance Review

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The importance of good governance is not disputed, what is less clear is how to achieve good governance.

In the charity sector the requirement of Trusts to have independent trustees is to lesson the risk of a charity failing to deliver on their strategic purpose.   A governance review can identify areas for improvement to help an organisation meet it’s compliance and reporting requirements while also driving strategy and performance.  The benefits of a review process include:

1) Assessment of how well the current governance structure is helping an organisation to meet it’s compliance and risk management obligations.

2) Indication of whether governance is supporting or hindering the organisation’s performance and strategy.

3) Identifying suggestions for improvement and a suggested timeline for these changes.

4) Clarity of roles and responsibilities and an independent reflection of current performance.

If you would like to have more information about a free governance review this year, please contact Michelle from Tax and Trust Professionals for more details of this offer.


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