Barbara has been a client for over 4 years. A sweet and caring client, we greatly appreciate her, and are very happy to see her every year.

They have the best prices, are local, and very easy to talk to and get hold of. I've been with them for 10 years!

Barbara S.

I feel comfortable that Tax & Trust keep an eye on my business accounts, so I can get on with running my business.

Darren A.

Cleanline Bathrooms

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If I know anyone in Auckland that is looking for an accountant, I will recommend Michelle Thompson and Tax & Trust Professionals to them.

Dianne T.

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Eddie has been a client for over 6 years. We have seen his business grow, and with his humor and friendly personality, he is always a pleasure to see.

She listened to my concerns and fears over my finances and put my mind to rest. I've been with her for 8 years and would recommend her to anybody.

Edward M.

I've had a number of accountant firms that just wanted to add to the debt I had before helping me. With Tax & Trust they set up a payment plan, and started working on my accounts straight away. It was a huge relief.

Julie V.


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